Luncheons and Dragons

February 17th

The orc attack was sudden, but not unexpected. The party set up sensible defenses and were able to rout the raiders with minimal damage to themselves. The caravan guards, being less experienced in fighting the monstrous races, were killed in the raid but gave their lives in valiant defense of their wards.

Sam was felled early by a thrown handaxe, prompting Marcus’ guard companion to charge foolishly and fatally into the fray. Human the Cat aided Hemmings in harrying the orc attacking his path, but was cleaved in twain by the vicious greataxe wielding warrior. Hemmings used the temporary distraction to bolt for the tree-line surrounding the clearing and disappear into the foliage where he used his throwing daggers to snipe enemies with great effect.

Marcus, ever the supportive and kind soul, brought the blessings of Bahamut upon the group and then in turn directed the Platinum Dragon’s righteous wrath to bear against many of the attacking orc party.

Meriele, though grief-stricken by the loss of her friend Sam, rained fiery doom upon the invaders, kiting them eventually into the waiting maul of Darius. Her atmosphere-ionizing hummingbird was instrumental in decimating the bloodthirsty opponents.

Darius and not-Bob set and held the front line of the battle. Working well in tandem, it looked as if not-Bob would survive the day; but lo, in a fit of frenzied aggression he performed an inverse tracheotomy on one orc only to fall pray to another orc’s invigorating strike. Outraged, Darius and Hemmings destroyed the final aggressor in a murderous rage.



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